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<sup>Save on taxes</sup><br/>401k &#38; IRA Millionaires<br/>

Save on taxes
401k & IRA Millionaires

For those with significant assets in a 401(k) or IRA, income taxes will likely become your largest expense—often overshadowing other expenses like travel, housing, and even healthcare.

What if there was a way to potentially save millions on taxes throughout your lifetime? Our strategies have already helped numerous clients, including a medical professional potentially save more than $1 million and a business owner potentially save over $600,000.

Don’t let conventional financial advice and rear-view mirror tax strategies guide you. Our approach involves detailed, forward-looking projections to optimize your tax situation over your entire life expectancy, considering both you and your future heirs.

<sup>Save on taxes</sup><br/>401k &#38; IRA Millionaires<br/>

We are currently advising a client with a $6.5 million IRA. With expected growth, his IRA is projected to double in the next decade, the Required Minimum distributions alone will place him in the highest tax bracket, and he will pay the highest Medicare premiums. Not to mention the enormous tax bill his beneficiaries will face. Don’t let this happen to you.

Effective planning ensures that you can generate the necessary retirement income in a tax-efficient manner while also preparing for cost-of-living increases due to inflation. It's essential to understand which income streams you can control—from fixed automatic incomes like Social Security and pensions to more variable sources like retirement account distributions and annuities.

Let us help you develop a comprehensive plan that addresses your specific needs, including asset risk, emergency liquidity, and potential changes in living or healthcare costs.

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