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<sup>Tax Planning Benefits</sup><br/>Prepared for the upcoming changes?<br/>

Tax Planning Benefits
Prepared for the upcoming changes?

I am confident our innovative tools could significantly enhance your tax planning strategy; we've demonstrated its effectiveness by helping a medical professional potentially save over one million, a business owner potentially save $645,876 and a pre-retiree $276,550 in lifetime tax.

AI-Driven Tax Opportunity Identification

We've integrated advanced AI technology into our service offerings. This addition is aimed at uncovering tax planning opportunities you might be missing.

Future-Focused Planning

We specialize in forward-looking strategies. We aim to ensure your tax planning is as efficient as possible, especially with the upcoming tax law changes set to sunset in 2026. We have a CPA on staff, but we don’t prepare tax returns, you keep your CPA, let them use our knowledge to save you money.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology

Our system utilizes OCR to read tax returns and generate reports instantly. This means quicker insights and more efficient planning for you.

Comprehensive Analysis

AI analysis helps us build out scenarios to identify key income breakpoints. This aids in planning for:

  • ROTH conversions
  • Tax-efficient withdrawals
  • Charitable giving
  • Business deductions
  • And 10 other tax planning opportunities

Strategic Planning

How to cut your capital gains and estate tax to almost zero. Stop unwanted required minimum distributions (RMD’s) while increasing the value of your qualified plan and passing the assets to your beneficiaries both income and estate tax free. The most TAX and COST EFFECTIVE way to pass a business to family members and/or the management team, where the founder receives FAIR MARKET value for their stock and family members or management team receive funding needed to make the business purchase.

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