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Scott Thompson, CSRP

Scott Thompson, CSRP

I grew up watching my grandfather go door-to-door selling his patented cleaning solution. His solution could clean anything, floors, cabinets, carpet, your car, it could even remove stains from your clothes . The cleaner was even environmentally friendly (long before this was a buzz word). To prove it was not harmful my grandfather would even clean his teeth with it. He worked 24/7 his entire life making and selling his cleaning solution.

Then the unexpected happened, he was hit and killed by a car while crossing the street. It was devastating to the entire family until the squabbling began. You see my grandfather failed to implement a plan for his business and his patent in the event of his demise. He had no succession plan. The children started arguing over who would run the business… even though none of them had ever worked for the company. In short order the business lost its best commercial accounts to competitors and the business failed. The family was able to sell the patent but for a penance of what the company was actually worth just a year before.

I learned many valuable lessons from my grandfather. I learned the value of hard work, the value of taking care of my clients and I learned the importance of proper planning. I learned that it is extremely important to have an expert team of advisors and to make sure that my business can thrive without me.

Why it Matters to You

Since the “Great Recession” of 2008 your job is probably harder than ever. It’s more difficult to find the time to take care of the seemingly endless details of tax planning, succession planning, cash flow planning, retirement planning, charitable planning and protecting your assets from frivolous lawsuits.

The difficulties that business owners are facing and the tremendous difficulties they will face have not eliminated nor reduced your ability to make a profound positive impact that is so essential to you and your business – As a matter of fact, because of current and future tremendous adversities, that capacity to have a huge positive impact for your customers has expanded enormously!

With that in mind, I am convinced the standard approach of most financial planing firms will not be sufficient to meet business owners needs in the trying times ahead. Instead of working with several hundred or even thousands of clients like most financial planning firms, I help business owners focus on their most important asset, their business. I only work with business owners that I am certain I can add tremendous value to their bottom line.

We work with select business owners who have the same mission and vision. I’m convinced that this high level of personal commitment from me to devote my expertise and time to you and your business is the only way you will be able to get through the substantial challenges that you face. Business owners are leaving their long-time ‘traditional’ financial planning firms who they liked because they know it’s time to enter a new chapter in their life. They intuitively feel things are different now than the last 30 years, they want an advisor that has the time for a true consultative based relationship.

As I mentioned we will not work with every business owner. We are looking for those select businesses that want to make a positive impact on their customers and the community. During the first meeting with me – we decide if I am the right person to lead you and your business to achieve all that is important to you. I call this meeting the “Discovery Meeting” where you and I will explore if you are one those businesses that years ago I knew I would come into contact with and make a huge difference in the business and personal life.

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